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RoyalPartners is the best affiliate network for you depends on your specific needs and goals as an affiliate marketer. In this model, affiliates (Publishers) earn commissions when they refer players to a casino or gambling website and the player completes a specific action such as registering an account making a deposit or placing a bet.

Royal Partners is a prominent promoter of legalized gambling (casino ) offers that become fastest-growing businesses to earn money with unique casino affiliate schemes.

Advantages and Disadvantages?

Following are some factors to consider when evaluating whether RoyalPartners is the best affiliate network for you:

Pros of RoyalPartners:

  1. RoyalPartners offers High commission rates of up to 50% which can be attractive to affiliates looking to earn a significant income.
  2. It has $20 Minimum Withdrawal.
  3. Royal Partners has a wide selection of high-quality brands in various niches which can make it easier for affiliates to find products to promote that align with their audience.
  4. It provides transparent reporting, making it easy for affiliates to track their performance and earnings.
  5. This CPA network offers personalized friendly support to its affiliates which can be helpful in addressing any issues that may arise.

Cons of RoyalPartners:

  1. While RoyalPartners has a selection of high-quality brands, the overall product selection is limited compared to some larger affiliate networks.
  2. It is only offers payment via wire transfer which may not be convenient for all affiliates.
  3. This Network is primarily focused on the European market which may not be ideal for affiliates looking to promote products globally.

Features of Royal Partners

This network is a licensed iGaming affiliate program with a highly professional affiliate team with in-house Tracking System with high conversion and fast payments.

Here are key Features if you join Royal Partners Network:

1. Royal Partners licensed iGaming affiliate program that belongs to direct Advertiser.
2. It has In-House Tracking system.
3. Provide RevShare, CPA and Hybrid commission models
4. Have friendly customer supports.
5. Royal Partners give you payment on weekly and monthly basis.
6. Have Multiple of payment methods such as Skrill, BTC, Wire, USDT, Piastix and Capitalist etc.

How to Join RoyalPartners Affiliate Platform? (Tips and Tricks)

In Short, A RoyalPartners CPA affiliate network is a platform that connects affiliates with online casino operators. Affiliates promote online casinos and earn commissions based on the players they refer to the casinos.

Following are some general steps to consider when creating a RoyalPartners affiliate network:

1. Choose a niche:
Determine the type of online casinos, Bets and games you want to promote through your affiliate network.

2. Research and identify potential casino operators:
Research and identify potential casino operators that align with your niche and meet certain criteria such as a good reputation, licensing and compliance with regulations.

3. Develop a Network:
Create a website, Blog or Landing page that showcases the online casinos you’re promoting and offers valuable information and resources for potential affiliates.

4. Create an affiliate program:
Develop an affiliate program that offers competitive commissions, tracking and reporting tools and other resources to attract and retain affiliates.

5. Recruit affiliates:
Reach out to potential affiliates through various channels such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Quora, Wikipidia, Instagram, Redit, medium etc), online forums, SEO and email marketing.

6. Monitor and optimize performance:
Continuously monitor and optimize the performance of your affiliate network to improve conversions, retention and revenue.

How to Create Account in RoyalPartners Affiliate Network?

1. Go to the RoyalPartners Website.
2. Click here “SIGN UP” on Top Right Side Corner button and Fill that blanks page with your credentials.
3. Take in your name, email address, Address and password in the fields provided.
4. Provide information about your website or traffic source, including the URL.
5. Once your account is approved, you can log in to the RoyalPartners Website and start browsing through the available campaigns.
6. Choose the campaigns such as Casino, Bet or Gambling and start promoting them.

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RoyalPartners Payment Methods

Royal Partners provides affiliates with various payment method to earn commissions on and these offers typically involve actions such as Cost per Action, RevShare, Hybrid and sales.

It offers several payment methods to their affiliates as Check Payment, Skrill, Wire, Bitcoin, Capitalist, Piastix and Tether (USDT) etc.

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